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Still Trying to Decide Where to Go

We have some obvious criteria for deciding where we want to go. It needs to be warm to start with, we are sort of thinking about some place with some history. That is to say some place where the Romans might have been a couple of thousand years ago. We are not looking for the […]


Escaping an Overbearing Family by Vacationing in Bristol

When my sister decided to get married in Bristol, I was wholly supportive of her decision. While most of the family thought she was crazy, since the majority of them would not be able to attend her wedding due to financial concerns, I knew that she had chosen it exactly for that – not to […]


We Got Our Vacation Planned

Of course this is not going to be the typical sort of holiday. We are going to go down and spend the next three weeks living by a lake up in the Welsh country side. We have got this tent that looks a bit like one of those wedding kata tents or wedding tipi tents […]