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What Does a Chauffeur Really Do

Whether or not you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing what a chauffeur in Bath does or not, the role and history of the emergence of this profession is rather fascinating. A chauffeur, at a very basic level could be boiled down to essentially a hired automobile driver; however, history tells us that such conclusions do […]


Methods for Improving Independent Living

I like the idea of independent living. I wish I could live independent of the rest of society sometimes. Sometimes it seems like too much of a burden to be a part of the greater human race. But there is no way to remove the fact that I was born a human, and so it […]


A Chance to Save a Life

Last year, at the school where I work, a student passed away. The student collapsed, and the teachers tried to revive him with CPR, but their efforts didn’t work. The student had a health condition that lead to him collapsing. The paramedics arrived 5 minutes after the student collapses, but apparently this wasn’t soon enough. […]