A Ski Holiday for the Family

When my husband and I decided to take the kids on a ski vacation, we knew that we wanted to go through the Vaujany Ski Company. When we had first gotten married, we took a delayed ski honeymoon, and the chalet that we had for a week was absolutely perfect for us. That was many ears and four children ago though, which is why we knew it was time to make a return there. We knew that we would need a much bigger apartment this time around. We have two boys and two girls, so we just needed a three bedroom one.

I started looking at the different apartments that are available, and I came across the most charming three bedroom one. What I like about this company is that they don’t just list details about their apartments but they also have pictures that really make everything crystal clear. My husband and I were looking forward to hitting the slopes, and we knew the kids were wanting to have fun there too since they are all experienced skiers. However, we also knew that they would not want to spend as much time skiing as we wanted to.

That is why I was really happy with this apartment. They are all old enough to stay on their own if we stay on the slopes a few more hours than they do, and there are plenty of things they can do at the apartment. The view is gorgeous, and it is just a couple of minutes walk to the leisure centre, which I knew the kids would really enjoy. There is also Wi-Fi and TV there in the apartment, plus the kids are all avid readers too. It is a comfortable apartment that was just perfect for our family, and we may end up doing this a lot more often because of how great this holiday went!

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