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Lost Half of the Day Looking for My Keys

It seems like there should be some easy way for you to find lost car keys. People find them eventually, but in my case I had dropped them in the yard and the wind was blowing leaves all over the place. I spent about an hour looking for them in the house, but then I realized what had probably happened. I remembered that my puppy had gotten loose when I came home and he had made me chase him around the yard. He loves his freedom and that sucker is poison quick. I mean it is really hard to catch hold of him if he does not want you to catch him. He loves to be chased too. Read More…

Started Working on the Bucket List

I guess that at some point I must have told my brother in law that I wanted to jump out of an airplane before I died. Of course when I was in the Royal Marine Corps we used to come out of helicopters on fast ropes quite often, but I never actually did a parachute drop and I sort of always wanted to do it. He decided that he was going to give me a skydiving Christmas gift voucher for this place called the Army Parachute Institute, or something like that. It is at Nether Avon near London. Read More…

Spent the Day Down at the Track

My new girlfriend is involved with some rich people and they invited her down to the track this afternoon. They had some small involvement in one of the horses, or at least that was how it was explained to me. We were up in the jockey club for a little while, but they did not like the fact that I was not wearing a tie. It is that sort of place and I was just not dressed like a millionaire. I was dressed like one of the stable boys who help out the racehorse trainers. I really had no clue how dangerous this stuff is though. It is easy to see how easy it would be to get really bad hurt when you watch the start of the race from up close. That is where the real show is and that is what we were doing. We went down there and watched them getting the horses in the starting blocks.

Those horses are really big and powerful. One of them probably weighs around three quarters of a ton or something like that. They do not always want to get in that starting box easily. Then after they leave the gates there are like ten or a dozen horses and all of them are trying to get out in front of the other horses. The jockeys are swing the little whip things, they call them crops. A lot of the time they are going to all get in a great big pile up at that first corner. They try to get in front obviously and that is where they are all fairly even and all of them want to be in the same place. They want to be out front along that rail. That is the shortest way around the track.

I Found Some Jewellery I Like

I am not a modern person at all. When I go clothes shopping, I avoid all of the mainstream stores. It is not because I try that hard to be different. Sometimes, I actually wish I did fit in better. I just don’t like most styles that are around now. I prefer to get my clothing from vintage stores, and that is why I was so thrilled when one of the clerks at my favorite store told me about a vintage jewellery website she had found. She and I aren’t friends, but we see enough of each other to feel comfortable in giving each other pieces of advice and tips like this.

She wrote down the website address for me, since she knew that I would only wear vintage pieces of jewellery too. Again, it is not because I was trying so hard to be different. The pieces are just from another era, and I can appreciate them a lot more than I can the costume jewellery that I often see in stores today. When I got home from my shopping trip, I went online to look at the jewellery collections. Read More…

My Son on the Horse

One year ago, I took my son to an equine competition and he became impressed with it. He wanted to compete, so I bought him some equine competition wear and let him start practicing with a horse. He was a little afraid of getting on the horse at first because of how tall it was. I had to help him get on top. He was afraid of falling off the horse when it started moving, but I assured him that everything would be fine. With a little time, he got over his fears and he was able to ride around on the horse just like anyone else. For someone his age, he’s made progress in a short amount of time. Read More…

A Ski Holiday for the Family

When my husband and I decided to take the kids on a ski vacation, we knew that we wanted to go through the Vaujany Ski Company. When we had first gotten married, we took a delayed ski honeymoon, and the chalet that we had for a week was absolutely perfect for us. That was many ears and four children ago though, which is why we knew it was time to make a return there. We knew that we would need a much bigger apartment this time around. We have two boys and two girls, so we just needed a three bedroom one.

I started looking at the different apartments that are available, and I came across the most charming three bedroom one. Read More…

I Have a New Hobby That Makes Me Happy

I have moved out to Kentucky and fell in love with all of the horses that live on the horse farms around me. They’re beautiful. Soon after, I learned that many of the people who live near me raise them so that they can run in races. It is from that, they I learned about horse racing syndicates and how people like me can invest in them to make money.

I have never been big on investing because I did not know what I was doing. Oh, I tried a few times here and there, but I made incorrect choices. But I have gotten to known many of my neighbors and they have taught me everything that I need to know. Read More…

Planning a Birthday Party for My Boss’ Son

I figured that my boss knew I was not really working all hard lately. I have been having to figure out how to kill a little time each day to make up for the fact that I have been able to handle my work load quite easily lately. At any rate she decided that she was going to find something for me to do and so I am now in charge of the birthday party for her 7 year old son. I have to find some appropriate exhibition entertainment for hire, an appropriate venue and the usual stuff that you feed kids in birthday parties. Read More…

What Does a Chauffeur Really Do

Whether or not you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing what a chauffeur in Bath does or not, the role and history of the emergence of this profession is rather fascinating. A chauffeur, at a very basic level could be boiled down to essentially a hired automobile driver; however, history tells us that such conclusions do the profession an injustice. Depending on your age, you may remember the chauffeur as playing an integral part of many fantastic television programmes – probably the most memorable being ‘Parker’ in the 1960’s puppet TV series ‘Thunderbirds’. Read More…