Changing the Relationship Between Doctors and Patients

One of the facets I have learned to be missing from visiting my doctor is a colleague and patient feedback system which would allow us to communicate in a method that is not only focused on being a patient and doctor relationship. I have become incredibly picky about who I go to visit for all my health needs because I have begun to feel like I have to be able to trust the person that I am sharing such profoundly personal information with. I need to know that this person is going to have my best interest in mind not just because of their reputation or money but because they care.

I want to be seen as a person and not just as a patient. I don’t want to be a fact sheet that they hold in front of them while they ask me some impersonal questions in the same tone of voice that they ask me the personal ones. To me that is a sign of a bad doctor; how could I begin to trust someone like that? I want to know that they care about me, I want to know that my health is as important to them as their own. Why else would they be a doctor? For the money?

If that’s the case, I want nothing to do with them. I don’t want to visit someone who is only looking at their patients as a way to increase the size of their bank accounts. I don’t need someone who is going to coolly tell me what I need to be doing or not to be doing. I want them to know me well enough that I can talk to them about anything, especially if it has something to do with my health. If they know me, then they might be able to predict issues that arise.

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