Escaping an Overbearing Family by Vacationing in Bristol

When my sister decided to get married in Bristol, I was wholly supportive of her decision. While most of the family thought she was crazy, since the majority of them would not be able to attend her wedding due to financial concerns, I knew that she had chosen it exactly for that – not to mention the driving need to escape the clutches of our overbearing family. I encouraged her to look into a Minibus hire in Bristol while she was out there – I rented one myself when I backpacked through the area recently and found it to be a fantastic, cheap way to get around town without the hassle of dealing with the Black Cabs that populate most of the European countries. Dealing with those recognizable Black Cabs was probably one of the worst experiences that I’ve ever had to go through, they were often rude and I felt that they took advantage of the fact that I was a tourist in the city.

The Minibus guy was totally cool and was down for showing me around the city without any extra charge. This is the kind of guy that knows how to make a fat tip – despite the fact that you’re not really supposed to tip these guys, I think they know that Americans are more than happy to tip for great service. I decided that I wouldn’t go with my sister since she seemed so keen to go on her own and take a break from the family for a while, something that I didn’t really blame her for. While we love our parents more than anything, we are definitely both overwhelmed by them. I have no doubt that they would have been more than happy to try and take over her entire wedding if they had been given even the slightest chance to.

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