I Have a New Hobby That Makes Me Happy

I have moved out to Kentucky and fell in love with all of the horses that live on the horse farms around me. They’re beautiful. Soon after, I learned that many of the people who live near me raise them so that they can run in races. It is from that, they I learned about horse racing syndicates and how people like me can invest in them to make money.

I have never been big on investing because I did not know what I was doing. Oh, I tried a few times here and there, but I made incorrect choices. But I have gotten to known many of my neighbors and they have taught me everything that I need to know. I love learning about racing and it has become a new hobby of mine.

I have been given tours of the many farms that are in our area. I love meeting the owners and learning how they work. And from there, I learn all about every horse they raise, how fast they are, how long they have been racing, what age they are, and so much more. It is because of this that I am thinking of raising some of my own. I have not ridden once since I was a kid and had a special bond with one we had as a beloved pet for many years, until it passed away in old age.

I have made some good money by investing in one of the syndicates that is well known in our area. In turn, I am also teaching other people how to put their investments in the right places as well. Every little bit helps, and I like returning the favor to others for all the help that I received from many people when I started out as well.

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