Lost Half of the Day Looking for My Keys

It seems like there should be some easy way for you to find lost car keys. People find them eventually, but in my case I had dropped them in the yard and the wind was blowing leaves all over the place. I spent about an hour looking for them in the house, but then I realized what had probably happened. I remembered that my puppy had gotten loose when I came home and he had made me chase him around the yard. He loves his freedom and that sucker is poison quick. I mean it is really hard to catch hold of him if he does not want you to catch him. He loves to be chased too. That is really a whole lot of fun if you are a puppy and you have been stuck in a house waiting for some person to play with you for a couple of hours. I had to eventually go get a hot dog out of the fridge, and that got him back in the house really quickly.

At any rate the car keys were under some leaves and the only way that I could find them was to get the leaf blower out of the tool shed and blow leaves until I found them. In fact I was able to hear them jangle before I saw them, because the leaf was caught up in it and it was a big oak leaf that hid the keys well enough that it was not easy to find them. At any rate it was a good thing that I did not really have any important stuff on the schedule. I guess that I would have had to call some one to come by and give me a ride if there had been some desperate appointment to keep.

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