Methods for Improving Independent Living

I like the idea of independent living. I wish I could live independent of the rest of society sometimes. Sometimes it seems like too much of a burden to be a part of the greater human race. But there is no way to remove the fact that I was born a human, and so it seems therefore that a human I must remain, inevitably and I guess that is not such a bad fate. I want to figure out how to live the best possible life and I think that it is one of self-sufficiency and self-control. Those are some of the ideals that I live my life by and I think that most people would be more happy and better off if they did the same.

I am not really sure how we are going to keep moving forward in society. But I think for my own part, that I want to live alone in my own house for as long as possible. If that right were taken away from me, then I am pretty sure that I would not even want to continue my stay on this planet. I am not sure what can be done, but there have to be technologies out there that can make it safer and easier for people to live alone into later and later ages of life.

I think that the world is going to continue to experience phenomena of people living very long lives. I would not be surprised if I see someone live to be 150 years old within my life time. As such, it seems infeasible to suggest that people who are going to live that long should live in assisted care facilities for maybe as much as half of their natural life. No that is not going to be acceptable.

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