My Son on the Horse

One year ago, I took my son to an equine competition and he became impressed with it. He wanted to compete, so I bought him some equine competition wear and let him start practicing with a horse. He was a little afraid of getting on the horse at first because of how tall it was. I had to help him get on top. He was afraid of falling off the horse when it started moving, but I assured him that everything would be fine. With a little time, he got over his fears and he was able to ride around on the horse just like anyone else. For someone his age, he’s made progress in a short amount of time. It’s like he has a natural gift for riding on the horse.

Soon my son will have his first competition, and he’s been really looking forward to it. I told him not to get too cocky, because it would make him forget about his training and become too much of a hot head. I want him to feel confident in his abilities and believe that he can win, but I don’t want him to think that he’s automatically destined to win. Many people have made the same mistake before and it has resulted in them losing. I’ve done it before with other sports and regretted it, but I learned from it.

Whether my son wins or loses, I hope that he has the strength to continue on with horse sports if he loves it. In the face of loss, one has to remember that they can still win again if they work hard enough. I anticipate that he will go very far, because he’s had the best training and because he has me in his corner to cheer him on at each competition.

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