Changing the Relationship Between Doctors and Patients

One of the facets I have learned to be missing from visiting my doctor is a colleague and patient feedback system which would allow us to communicate in a method that is not only focused on being a patient and doctor relationship. I have become incredibly picky about who I go to visit for all my health needs because I have begun to feel like I have to be able to trust the person that I am sharing such profoundly personal information with. I need to know that this person is going to have my best interest in mind not just because of their reputation or money but because they care.

I want to be seen as a person and not just as a patient. Read More…

Lost Half of the Day Looking for My Keys

It seems like there should be some easy way for you to find lost car keys. People find them eventually, but in my case I had dropped them in the yard and the wind was blowing leaves all over the place. I spent about an hour looking for them in the house, but then I realized what had probably happened. I remembered that my puppy had gotten loose when I came home and he had made me chase him around the yard. He loves his freedom and that sucker is poison quick. I mean it is really hard to catch hold of him if he does not want you to catch him. He loves to be chased too. Read More…

Started Working on the Bucket List

I guess that at some point I must have told my brother in law that I wanted to jump out of an airplane before I died. Of course when I was in the Royal Marine Corps we used to come out of helicopters on fast ropes quite often, but I never actually did a parachute drop and I sort of always wanted to do it. He decided that he was going to give me a skydiving Christmas gift voucher for this place called the Army Parachute Institute, or something like that. It is at Nether Avon near London. Read More…

Spent the Day Down at the Track

My new girlfriend is involved with some rich people and they invited her down to the track this afternoon. They had some small involvement in one of the horses, or at least that was how it was explained to me. We were up in the jockey club for a little while, but they did not like the fact that I was not wearing a tie. It is that sort of place and I was just not dressed like a millionaire. I was dressed like one of the stable boys who help out the racehorse trainers. I really had no clue how dangerous this stuff is though. It is easy to see how easy it would be to get really bad hurt when you watch the start of the race from up close. That is where the real show is and that is what we were doing. We went down there and watched them getting the horses in the starting blocks.

Those horses are really big and powerful. One of them probably weighs around three quarters of a ton or something like that. They do not always want to get in that starting box easily. Then after they leave the gates there are like ten or a dozen horses and all of them are trying to get out in front of the other horses. The jockeys are swing the little whip things, they call them crops. A lot of the time they are going to all get in a great big pile up at that first corner. They try to get in front obviously and that is where they are all fairly even and all of them want to be in the same place. They want to be out front along that rail. That is the shortest way around the track.

Still Trying to Decide Where to Go

We have some obvious criteria for deciding where we want to go. It needs to be warm to start with, we are sort of thinking about some place with some history. That is to say some place where the Romans might have been a couple of thousand years ago. We are not looking for the sort of place where the college kids would go for Spring Break for example. So for example a nice quiet Greece Bed and Breakfast is pretty high on the list, but some place where you have thousands of drunken teens having an around the clock party is not what we are looking at. I do not have anything against young people dancing and having a great time, if they did it quietly or in regularly scheduled hours that would not figure into the plans at all. However they usually do it all night long and rather loudly. Last year we had a real spectacle out at the hotel we were staying.

We went to this place in the Balearic Islands, of which Minorca and Majorca are the most famous. These are beautiful islands and they are great destinations for watching people, the beaches are literally packed. However there was a wild non stop party at the hotel we picked. At about five in the morning there was this incredible sound out in the hall. It literally sounded as though there had been a car crash and when we looked out in the hall we found an unconscious young man with a rather nasty gash on his skull. It appears that he and some of his friends had been doing something insane with the luggage carts. I believe it was some modern equivalent of jousting, although with a great deal of alcohol and testosterone added to it.

Escaping an Overbearing Family by Vacationing in Bristol

When my sister decided to get married in Bristol, I was wholly supportive of her decision. While most of the family thought she was crazy, since the majority of them would not be able to attend her wedding due to financial concerns, I knew that she had chosen it exactly for that – not to mention the driving need to escape the clutches of our overbearing family. I encouraged her to look into a Minibus hire in Bristol while she was out there – I rented one myself when I backpacked through the area recently and found it to be a fantastic, cheap way to get around town without the hassle of dealing with the Black Cabs that populate most of the European countries. Read More…

We Got Our Vacation Planned

Of course this is not going to be the typical sort of holiday. We are going to go down and spend the next three weeks living by a lake up in the Welsh country side. We have got this tent that looks a bit like one of those wedding kata tents or wedding tipi tents as some people call them. In fact it a lot bigger than my apartment and I could get by pretty good in it if the weather was always good. Of course there is a limit to what something like this can take. It is a temporary structure and the chances are that if the weather was really going to get serious we would fold it up and stick it in the back of the trailer. Of course we have one of those camper trailers and this place is set up so that you can hook it up to power and water rather easily. That is obviously a big deal.

Now if you were a fat person the shower in that camper trailer would be impossible to use and even for a normal sized person it is not even any fun to use it. Of course we do not even use it, but I rigged it so that we can use the hot water out beside it. It has a little gas water heater and the cylinder will probably only last about a week, so I will bring two spare ones from work. The boss is not going to mind so long as I fill them back up when I bring them back. Of course the trick is to take your shower out in the temporary thing I rig up and then not have to wash your feet again after you get back inside the place.

Working on a Little Plan Today

Mostly I have been just killing time at work, but I have been looking at online casino offers, thinking about this idea I have for some promotional things. It is based on how you see charities have temporary casino nights where you gamble for a good cause. Of course I am not really thinking about charity or actual fully blown gambling on my site. That would be against the law in most ways, but I am thinking about ways to have games that people would be able to play and giving them rewards which would require them to buy stuff on the site.

I Found Some Jewellery I Like

I am not a modern person at all. When I go clothes shopping, I avoid all of the mainstream stores. It is not because I try that hard to be different. Sometimes, I actually wish I did fit in better. I just don’t like most styles that are around now. I prefer to get my clothing from vintage stores, and that is why I was so thrilled when one of the clerks at my favorite store told me about a vintage jewellery website she had found. She and I aren’t friends, but we see enough of each other to feel comfortable in giving each other pieces of advice and tips like this.

She wrote down the website address for me, since she knew that I would only wear vintage pieces of jewellery too. Again, it is not because I was trying so hard to be different. The pieces are just from another era, and I can appreciate them a lot more than I can the costume jewellery that I often see in stores today. When I got home from my shopping trip, I went online to look at the jewellery collections. Read More…

Why We Took out an SSAS Loan

There‚Äôs gold in them pension pots (possibly)When my wife and I decided to open our own catering business, we had the blessings of both of our former employers. I am the creative part of our new company while she takes care of the business end of it. The biggest hurdle we had was getting financing for our new venture. We had tried to get a bank loan, but they were not willing to take a risk on us because of our lack of experience. When my former boss suggested that we look into getting an ssas loan, I wasn’t even sure what that was.

My wife and I have both worked since we were teenagers, and we have both built up impressive pension plans because we have had some great jobs. My boss told me that rather than try other finance institutions for a traditional business loan, that we should consider borrowing against our pensions. I didn’t even know that was possible, but I certainly liked the sound of that better.