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There is just no easy way to get out of debt, you have to face up to the consequences. A bankruptcy is not always the answer, as the effects are long lasting. There are four ways to handle debts that are out of control, listed in best to worst in regards to the effect it will have on your credit:

If your credit isnt in terrible shape, can you reduce your other expenses, even if it means making hard choices or just change your lifestyle to fit your income! Some ways to do this:


  1. Selling the second car
  2. Pulling equity out of your home
  3. Applying for a non secured signature loan
  4. Obtaining a loan from a relative
  5. Selling your home and paying off your debts with the proceeds and then renting
  6. Cashing out your 401K/retirement benefits
  7. Selling family heirlooms, jewelry, etc.

Filing Bankruptcy – Final Solution

If your credit is already gone or one of the above isnt an option, go through Consumer Credit Counseling Services. Check your yellow pages for the local number. In this way youre paying off your debts as if you were in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but you dont file a bankruptcy.

If CCCS wont take you, you may want to consider bankruptcy. Filing a Chapter 13 takes longer, but your credit is in a little better standing than if you file a Chapter 7. In Chapter 13 you are given up to 5 years to pay off your debts. The disadvantage is that youre in bankruptcy for up to 5 years plus your credit report shows your bankruptcy for 7 more years after you have finished paying off your debts.

If you are so far in debt that you can never repay it, then the best solution may be a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is the least desirable credit wise, but you are typically out of bankruptcy in 6 months and you dont have to repay any debt.

Disadvantages of Filing Bankruptcy

The disadvantage is that this shows on your credit report for 10 years from the date of filing your bankruptcy, and creditors are starting to tighten their credit requirements, and you may have a tough time getting future financing. Depending upon how complicated your financial situation is, you may want to consult a lawyer before proceeding.

There is no magic solution. Dont believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Saving Plans

With increasing expenditure people fall short of money quite frequently. Scarcity of funds sometimes even deprives an individual from meeting the basic necessities of life. Therefore, majority of the population today is looking for monetary assistance to cater to their daily requirements. Different loans are available in the financial market. If you are looking for a fast and efficient loan procedure without putting your property at stake, applying for fast unsecured loans will be a thoughtful decision.

As the name suggests, fast unsecured loans do not endanger the property of the borrower by putting it as a security. They attract the borrowers attention by providing a fast approval of the loan. The steps involved in the valuation of property are eliminated due to the absence of collateral. This results in saving the precious time of an individual.

Tenants and homeless people form the major group of the borrowers of fast unsecured loans. This does not mean that homeowners are no eligible for these loans. Homeowners who do not want to put their property into the risk of repossession by the lender can also apply for fast unsecured loans.

With fast unsecured loans the borrower can extract an amount ranging from $1000 to $25,000. The borrowers income, credit standing and repayment potential are important in determining the interest rate to be charged on the loan.

People who have faced the problem of arrears, defaults, County Court Judgments or bankruptcy can meet the urgency of money within a span of few hours through fast unsecured loans.

Fast unsecured loans are multipurpose loans. They can be used for debt consolidation, home improvements or expansion, purchasing a car, going out on a holiday, meeting wedding expenses and much more.

Lenders charge a higher rate of interest on fast unsecured loans as compared to any other secured loan. As no collateral is secured against the loan, therefore the lender has to be more careful about whom he is lending money to.

Fast unsecured loans give you the benefit of loan protection. This ensures that the loan repayment of the borrower will be covered if he meets an accident, illness or any other natural disaster. This facility is however an optional one.

Various lenders dealing in fast unsecured loans are available in the market. Online lenders are widely used nowadays. With the help of internet one can access infinite lenders online. They have put an end to enormous paper work. A simple online loan application form needs to be filled up. Online lenders are capable of providing you the best loan deal. They keep you away from all hassles and sanction your loan request at the earliest.

Taking the best loan is no more a dream now. Fast unsecured loans are customized to match with the expectations of the masses.

How Do You Save For Retirement

Refinancing education loans can be so simple and attractive that many borrowers tend to overlook some critical points about student loan refinancing. Sometimes what you dont know can save you a great deal of money, time, and frustration. Below youll find a few little know facts that can save you big bucks when refinancing your education loans.

Consolidation Loans have a fixed interest rate versus a variable interest rate

Most education loans have a variable interest rate which can mean significant changes in the monthly payments if interest rates increase as they did on July 1st, 2006. With a fixed interest rate, the monthly payments and total payoff balance is a set amount. Some education loans such as the Perkins Loan and the HPSL (Health Professionals Student Loan) are fixed rate loans. Before consolidating its important to weigh the repayment benefits of rolling these kinds of loans into the consolidation.

Consolidation lenders vary significantly in terms of money-saving incentives

What separates one lender from another when it comes to consolidating education loans are the types of incentives each offers. Lender incentives can greatly reduce monthly payments and the total amount owed over the lifetime of the loan. Many lenders offer incentives for auto-debit payments, but rarely more than .25%. Another standard incentive is a 1% reduction in interest rates after 36 months of on-time payments. When shopping for a lender to consolidate your education loans, look for one that goes above and beyond these standards. ScholarPoint for example, offers an auto-debit interest rate discount of .50% and a 1% reduction in interest after only 24 months, a full year earlier than the norm.

Your loans must be current in order to consolidate education loans

If youre behind on your loan payments, youll need to get caught up before refinancing. Once you refinance, youll most likely enjoy much lower monthly payments to ease your budget once you are caught up.

Private education loans and federal education loans cannot be combined when refinancing

While federal student loans are funds lent by the government, private student

oans are those offered by independent lenders and tend to have a higher rate of interest. Those who have both types of education loans will need to secure 2 different consolidation loans. Its best to consolidate federal education loans first and then start the process of consolidating your private education loans. You can however, consolidate federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans together. They do need to be tracked separately, but a quality lender will take care of this for you.

Your deferment and forbearance limits start over when you consolidate

One of the most important benefits of education loans is that they allow students to put their loans in to deferment or forbearance status during difficult times encountered while building their careers. When you refinance, you are essentially getting a whole new loan, meaning that your deferment and forbearance limits are reset.

Consolidating during the post graduation grace period allows you to lock in the lowest rate

Interest rates during the grace period (6 months after graduation) are .60% lower than after the grace period when loans move into repayment status. Consolidating before the grace period is over helps to lock in this much lower interest rate. Its best to start the consolidation process soon after graduation to ensure that there is adequate processing time. You can specify that your new consolidated loan begin at the end of your grace period so that you may enjoy both benefits.

Borrowers can no longer reconsolidate student loans

For many years, borrowers have had the opportunity to reconsolidate their education loans if they were unhappy with their lender or found a better loan offer elsewhere. As part of the Federal governments July 1st 2006 student loan changes, borrowers now face major restrictions when it comes to finding a new lender for already consolidated loans. Unless you plan to take out new loans that would allow you to reconsolidate, it pays to shop around and find a lender you are going to be happy with because you only have one opportunity to consolidate.

Refinancing education loans is one of the easiest ways to lower monthly bills and make paying back your college education affordable. Keeping these little known facts in mind can save you a great deal of money and make consolidating your education loans a smooth and simple process.

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It never fails, just when finances are their tightest it seems that something turns up. The car breaks down, the dishwasher stops washing or the kids need a tooth taken care of. It can be hard enough to stretch the family budget to make ends meet, and then add in an unexpected expense and soon you can find yourself with a serious cash crunch and payday is nowhere in sight.

Each year, millions of people take advantage of payday loans from a relatively new industry that was formed to help solve a problem the big banks couldnt (or wouldnt): loaning small amounts of money to people for a very short period of time. Traditionally, small loans (typically anything below $5,000 in the banking industry) simply were not profitable. Payday loan companies came along to help fill that void and provide a quick, convenient and easily accessible service to fill the niche that the big banks wouldnt touch.

Everyone at one time or another needs a small amount of cash to get through a crisis. The last thing many people want to do is ask relatives or friends for the money, and more often than not using credit card cash advances can trigger an avalanche of fees and interest rates that will keep you paying over and over again for that “quick” loan.

Payday loans in recent years have come professional, courteous and quick ways to solve your money needs. Most locations are now run better than most bank branches – excellent customer service, quick resolution of your problems, and a welcoming atmosphere. In fact, many of the loan companies have now taken to setting up shop online to further enhance their customer service. Today, you can go online to fill out the application, make your payments and even arrange for direct deposit of your loan funds. All from the comfort of your own home!

For many people payday loans let them take care of the small problems in their life before they become big problems. The car breaks down and you cant get to work – if you cant work, you cant pay your bills. Its an endless cycle that can be broken by using a payday loan company. They are there to help in your time of need – professionally and discretely.

The next time you find yourself struggling to make it to the net paycheck, or wake up in the morning only to find your hot water heater decided to take an early retirement, take a look at the services payday loan companies can offer to help you make it through your cash crunch – they may be the financial lifeboat you have been waiting for!