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In todays society, there really isnt much a person can do that does not involve the spending of money. Money is needed for food, for travel, for communication, for house rents or mortgages, and even for meeting new friends. Many people live on tight budgets. This is why in times of an emergency, accident, or problem, a person is always faced with a financial crisis.

Such financial crisis may lead to more complicated problems such as depression and rocky relationships with loved ones. This crisis may also drive anyone to escape to drinking, drugs, and gambling. But a person need not resort to these self-destructive means when a viable option is available. This option is called the payday loan.

Payday loans are cash advances or short-term loans specifically created to confront such emergency financial crisis. Since the crisis is often urgent, payday lenders, especially the online ones, offer speed and convenience.

Most payday lenders grant the loan during the next business day after the application or loan request has been approved. Applications are often approved during the same day and the loaned amount is deposited overnight into the borrowers bank account. This fast processing is due to the Internet technology and the fact that lenders demand very little requirements. A potential borrower or client needs only to have a job which provides him a minimum monthly wage of about $1000 and to have a checking account which is at least three months old.

Interests for payday loans vary from one lender to another. Such interest is usually stated for every $100 loaned. For example, a $20 interest means that for every $100 borrowed, the client will need to pay $20. Thus, for a $400 loan, the client needs to pay $480 on his due date. The due date is usually the date of the payday. This assures that the client has funds to meet his financial obligation with the lender. The lender usually debits the amount loaned plus the service fees from the clients checking account.

In cases when the full amount cannot be paid, the client has the option to renew or extend his loan by informing the customer service representative by phone or email. Or the client may access his personal online account in the lenders website and click on the link for a loan extension. Of course, the client still needs to pay a certain amount on the original due date, the service fee.

When a person meets his financial obligation and pays the loaned amount in full, he becomes entitled to borrow a higher amount from the lender whenever he needs a payday loan again.