Started Working on the Bucket List

I guess that at some point I must have told my brother in law that I wanted to jump out of an airplane before I died. Of course when I was in the Royal Marine Corps we used to come out of helicopters on fast ropes quite often, but I never actually did a parachute drop and I sort of always wanted to do it. He decided that he was going to give me a skydiving Christmas gift voucher for this place called the Army Parachute Institute, or something like that. It is at Nether Avon near London. At any rate I have no desire to learn how to do this all alone, but instead I am thinking about doing a tandem jump. That looks really odd, but it is obviously a lot safer for the novice as you do not need to have any idea what you are doing. I would not want to have to remember how to do this right, not while I was falling at nine point eight meters per second squared.

The idea of jumping out of a plane is very exciting, because it is obviously something which carries a good bit of risk. If you have ever been in a situation of danger you would know what I mean. It is extremely exhilarating to get the big rush of adrenaline when you think that you are in real danger. The last time I got that jolt was from a rabid raccoon that charged me. It would have been a lot more of a thrill if I had not had that shovel in my hand. Of course that was not really all that dangerous in hindsight, because this thing was really only going about half speed and it was wobbling as though it was drunk.

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