Still Trying to Decide Where to Go

We have some obvious criteria for deciding where we want to go. It needs to be warm to start with, we are sort of thinking about some place with some history. That is to say some place where the Romans might have been a couple of thousand years ago. We are not looking for the sort of place where the college kids would go for Spring Break for example. So for example a nice quiet Greece Bed and Breakfast is pretty high on the list, but some place where you have thousands of drunken teens having an around the clock party is not what we are looking at. I do not have anything against young people dancing and having a great time, if they did it quietly or in regularly scheduled hours that would not figure into the plans at all. However they usually do it all night long and rather loudly. Last year we had a real spectacle out at the hotel we were staying.

We went to this place in the Balearic Islands, of which Minorca and Majorca are the most famous. These are beautiful islands and they are great destinations for watching people, the beaches are literally packed. However there was a wild non stop party at the hotel we picked. At about five in the morning there was this incredible sound out in the hall. It literally sounded as though there had been a car crash and when we looked out in the hall we found an unconscious young man with a rather nasty gash on his skull. It appears that he and some of his friends had been doing something insane with the luggage carts. I believe it was some modern equivalent of jousting, although with a great deal of alcohol and testosterone added to it.

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