Taking the Club to a Big Tournament

Of course there are details to be worked out, because this trip is going to cost us a bit of money and you have to do your planning if you want it to work out well. We have about sixteen boys on the football club, but there will be a few who shall not be able to make the trip for some reason or another. We shall have to have some of their family come along and help us too. So we shall need to get a coach hire for the transport. I have the traveling party figured out at around 37 persons so far. Obviously you have trouble if the total gets too big for a single bus to hold and 37 is about the lower limit for one of the smaller buses that I have found. Of course the biggest coaches are going to hold many more than that, but they have them outfitted differently depending on what sort of travel they are set up for.

If you are going to jam a lot of people in the thing they do not get to be as comfortable and obviously you do that when you are taking a short trip. We are going to be on the bus for around an hour and forty five minutes. So that is not too long nor too short. You would obviously prefer to have the bus set up for comfort if that is possible and I have been on this type before. You are going to be able to lay back and have a nap if you want to. It is all quite comfortable. When I went we had the town’s marching band with us and they made too much noise for you to sleep though. It was like a rolling party.

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