We Got Our Vacation Planned

Of course this is not going to be the typical sort of holiday. We are going to go down and spend the next three weeks living by a lake up in the Welsh country side. We have got this tent that looks a bit like one of those wedding kata tents or wedding tipi tents as some people call them. In fact it a lot bigger than my apartment and I could get by pretty good in it if the weather was always good. Of course there is a limit to what something like this can take. It is a temporary structure and the chances are that if the weather was really going to get serious we would fold it up and stick it in the back of the trailer. Of course we have one of those camper trailers and this place is set up so that you can hook it up to power and water rather easily. That is obviously a big deal.

Now if you were a fat person the shower in that camper trailer would be impossible to use and even for a normal sized person it is not even any fun to use it. Of course we do not even use it, but I rigged it so that we can use the hot water out beside it. It has a little gas water heater and the cylinder will probably only last about a week, so I will bring two spare ones from work. The boss is not going to mind so long as I fill them back up when I bring them back. Of course the trick is to take your shower out in the temporary thing I rig up and then not have to wash your feet again after you get back inside the place.

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